Core JavaDuration : 2 Months
Core Java Java is a programming language designed specifically for use in the distributed environment of Internet. Java was designed to have the look and feel of the C ++, but it is easier to use than C ++ and applies a model of object-oriented programming. Java can be used to create complete applications that can run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients on a network. It can also be used to build a small application module or applet for use as part of a Web page. The applets allow a user to the Web page to interact with the page.

Active Learning's Java training program teaches you how to write Java applications that can run across multiple platforms seamlessly and reliably. This Java training course provides extensive experience with the Java language and its object-oriented features. In this Java training course, you use Java to create text-based and GUI applications. Active Learning provides other Java training courses covering more advanced technologies. Recently updated to cover the Java 6 platform, this course will also benefit professionals who wish to take the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) certification. This course is conducted by former ‘Lio Technologies’ Java technology evangelist and is an expert in object-oriented technology. He has been conducting Java training courses since 1999, and has developed and managed numerous Java-related projects for both local and foreign companies. Write, compile and execute a Java program using the Eclipse IDE Learn Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism create simple GUI applications with AWT and Swing using NetBeans IDE use Java's exception handling framework write efficient applications through multi-threading read and write files and access databases using JDBC.

Course Contents:-

  • Introduction to Java
  • OOPS concepts and their implementation in Java
  • Packages and Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • String Handling
  • Windows Programming with AWT & Swing
  • Internet Programming using Applets
  • Multithreading
  • Stream based I/O in Java
  • Networking
  • Reflection
Prerequisite:- Basic knowledge of any programming language and familiarity with the OOPS concepts is a prerequisite for
                      this course.
J2EEDuration : 3 Months
StrutsDuration : 1 Month  
EJB 3.xDuration : 1 Month  
SpringDuration : 1 Month  
HibernateDuration : 1 Month  


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