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CAD is a major industrial art widely used in many applications including automotive shipbuilding aerospace, industrial and architectural design, appliances and many more. CAD is also widely used to produce computer animation for special effects in film, advertising and technical manuals. This is ubiquity and power of modern computers.

Computer Aided Design (CAD), also known as Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), is the use of information technology to the design process and design documentation. Computer Aided Drafting describes the process with a computer. CADD software or environment, the user provides input/output tools to facilitate the processes of design, drafting, documentation and manufacturing processes. CADD output is often in the form of electronic files for printing operations or machining. CADD software development based on direct correlation with the processes that saving the software based on industry (construction, manufacturing etc.) commonly used vector-based (linear) while software environments based graphics used based on raster (pixelated) environments.


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